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Window Screens Installation Toronto

We install and repair window screens for commercial buildings. Window screens not only help protect against insects, but can also serve to increase privacy. They play an important role in increasing the comfort and confidentiality of spaces in commercial and industrial buildings.

We offer screens made of a variety of materials, including standard fibreglass, aluminum, copper, and bronze wire. For years, our team has been working with a variety of window screen materials and types. We provide landlords, property managers and businesses with high quality workmanship, reliable service, and reasonable prices.

You will find that we can help you with:

• Installation of window screens to new builds
• Major and minor repairs to existing window screens
• Re-screening of your existing buildings
• Replacing screen frames with customized, high quality aluminum framing

At High Rise Glass Repair, our window screens will be entirely customized to your building’s aesthetic and commercial purpose. Our team will work with you to choose the appropriate features for your window screen, including:

• Colour
• UV-protection
• Insect control
• Increased security
• Roll-down vs fixed
• Fall safety

Heavy Duty Window Screens

We know that a commercial property weathers a lot of use during its lifetime. That’s why all of our window screens are made to a heavy duty standard. Our frames are made of an extra-thick aluminum that is light-weight yet resistant to damage. Our screen materials are chosen for their durability and strength.

Energy Savings: Solar Screens, Sun Screens and Sun Control

With energy bills only going up with the years, many customers come to us looking for smart solutions to save their business money. Our team can provide you with window screen options that can help reduce your energy bill, while maintaining the comfort of your buildings.

Research shows that energy saving window screens can block up to 95% of the sun’s heat from entering a room. Sun screens can help you reduce air conditioning costs in the summer. Our range of roll-down energy sun control screens are perfect for businesses looking for a solution that works for the summer, and can be seamlessly tucked away for the winter.

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