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Window Hardware Toronto

Technological improvements have vastly enhanced the quality of windows and glass over the last few decades. At an affordable price, we can help equip your building with window hardware that will have a high energy efficiency, provide maximal security, and have customized features.

New Construction Projects

One main focus of our business has been on installing durable and seamless windows for new high rise and multiunit commercial buildings. We have extensive experience working with a variety of materials for both the frame and glass.

Some of our most common orders for framing are:
• Vinyl
• Aluminum
• Steel
• Wood

We can customize your glass based on your building’s needs:
• Argon double glazing (energy efficient)
• Low-emissivity glazing (energy efficient)
• Single pane glazing
• Triple glazed windows
• Solar cool laminated
• Sprandrel fire glass
• Heat strengthened or tempered glass
• Low iron
• Viracon
• Guardian (e.g. SunGuard, ClimaGuard)

Improving Energy Efficiency

Argon double glazing and low-emissivity glazing are some of our most popular solutions for improving energy efficiency in a building. We also offer more advanced services, including triple glazed windows. Improving energy efficiency is one of the top reasons our customers change their window hardware. Staggered installations can help keep you on budget, while helping reduce your costs in the long run.

Other Window Hardware Services

Our team can help you with a broad range of different window hardware set-up and repair:
• Skylights
• Spider fitting and curtain walls
• Engraving of logos and designs
• Water penetration testing
• Pressure equalization testing
• Expansion joint seal failures

We offer comprehensive service from start to finish. We will help you plan, order, and install the windows that suit your design and budget. We have years of experience in helping our customers create or renovate their buildings in a timely fashion. Our project management team will work with you to select and order your windows from the leading local and international manufacturers. We will then provide you with a high quality installation that you can rest assured will stand the test of time.

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