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Refurbishing and Repairs Toronto

Sometimes the best option is not to replace, but to repair. We can help restore and refurbish existing doors and windows to fix damages, and to improve their lifespan. Our commercial exterior glass glazing can help enhance appearance, increase energy efficiency, and/or provide tinting. Our retrofitting of aluminum windows and doors can help bring life back to frames and glass.

At High Rise Glass Repair, we have an experienced team of technicians who can help with both large- and small-scale commercial and industrial repairs. We offer comprehensive solutions for repairing and installing glass windows and doors for commercial and industrial buildings. Our services include:

• Customized and upgraded windows
• Customized and upgraded doors
• Glass replacement and re-glazing
• Frame replacement (wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel)
• Sash replacement
• Screen replacement
• Interior and exterior caulking

Our company has long standing relationships with over 60 manufacturers and suppliers of windows, doors and glass. We can provide you with a highly customized replacement part that is most suitable for your building and budget.

What Does It Mean to Re-Glaze a Window?

One of our most common refurbishing projects is to re-glaze windows for condominiums and other high rise buildings. Periodic re-glazing is important because it increases energy efficiency, and generally lengthens the life span of your glass fixtures.

As a building ages, windows and doors often receive the brunt of the damage. With repeated use and exposure to the elements, they can begin to lose their water-tight seal. Re-glazing is the process that helps recreate this seal. Re-glazing is also necessary if the glass in a window breaks, and needs to be replaced.

Emergency Repair Service

We also offer emergency commercial glass repair for customers with urgent requests. Accidents happen, and High Rise Glass Repair is ready to swiftly and professionally meet your needs. Our close relationship with suppliers means that we can often source products faster than our competitors. This means we can complete repairs with the best materials and workmanship. Give us a call, and we will be there to help you.

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