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Construction Swing Stage Toronto

At HighRise Glass Repair we can provide you with reliable, professional and affordable service. We will cover all your glass window and door needs from start to finish. Our team can provide you with expert advice and cutting-edge technology to help successfully complete your project.
According to the needs of your building, we can work with a swing stage to perform any necessary installations and repairs. A swing stage is a suspended scaffolding platform that allows us to work safely and efficiently at any height. Despite its light weight, it can be used to carry both workers and machinery at efficient speeds to the necessary level. All of the staff are fully certified for Working at Height and in operating the swing stage.

Our project managers and technicians will be on the ground and in the air during construction to help install a full range of glass fixtures. Our customized services include:

• Windows and doors
• Curtain walls
• Spider fitting
• Energy efficient glass
• Structural glazing

We are the premier choice for high rise glass construction. We have close relationships with over 50 leading manufacturers of windows and doors. Thus, you can rest assured that our team will help you design and plan using the highest quality, most suitable, and affordable materials on the market.
We can help you with a variety of construction projects, such as:

• High rise condominiums
• Multi-unit residential buildings
• High and low rise office buildings
• Industrial properties
• Commercial stores
• Senior living homes
• Government buildings
• Restaurants
• Historic buildings

How it works

1) Our project manager will sit down with you and help you assess the best option for your goals and project budget. We will help you select the most suitable windows and doors for your building.
2) Based on your needs, we will outline a reliable budget and timeline for your construction. This will be reinforced in a contract.
3) An architect and/or engineer will go over the details of the installation, and help finalize the project.
4) Once we receive the order, we will conduct a thorough quality check of all the materials. This will help prevent any last-minute surprises during the construction phase.
5) Our experienced professionals will install the windows and doors in a timely manner. You will be kept in the loop about the progress. At this stage, we will not make any changes without your approval.

We Are Dedicated To Our Work

Your new building requires an experienced consultant who can help you maximize your short- and long-term budgets. At HighRise Glass Repair, our team will help you create and execute a plan using the latest and most affordable materials. Our workmanship is second to none. That’s why our commercial and industrial customers keep returning to us for all their new builds, as well as renovations.

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