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Commercial Sliding Doors Installation Toronto

Sliding doors are convenient and appealing for many commercial buildings. We supply and install manual and automatic sliding doors. We work with the prominent manufacturers of the industry to install suitable and high quality doors. This includes automatic and handicap-accessible.

Our collection of sliding doors includes specialty doors such as:
Bypass doors: slide in one direction and are easy to use
Pocket sliding doors: space efficient and can be hidden well
Sliding French doors: aesthetic and stylish

Maintaining and replacing your doors is an important part of your business infrastructure. There are three main reasons for this:
1) Front doors are the gateway to the outside world. Opening your doors to your customers also means letting in outdoor weather conditions. Installing appropriate doors will allow you to conserve energy and reduce your bills.
2) Older buildings often have doors that have depreciated and are less energy efficient. Leaks and drafts through these doors increase your energy expenses. Replacing them will ultimately help the bottom line of your business.
3) Your doors welcome your customers. Poor aesthetics may be one of the first things they notice. Make sure your doors are well maintained and up-to-date.

Variety of commercial doors

Our team can provide you with economic and efficient service to create a holistic solution for your commercial and industrial buildings. We are experienced in providing a variety of features for both new builds and renovations, including:
• Handicap accessible entranceways
• Hollow metal doors that are fire-resistant
• Stainless steel doors
• Tempered glass doors for weather resistance
• Interior/Exterior sliding and swing doors (manual and automatic)

At High Rise Glass Repair we have extensive experience working with business owners, property managers, and developers. Our workmanship with aluminum, stainless steel and vinyl sliding doors has a reputation for being durable, affordable, and timely. We take pride in our professional installations and repairs. We treat old windows and doors responsibly, and recycle all materials whenever possible.

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