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Caulking Interior and Exterior Toronto

Our team can help you with both your interior and exterior caulking needs, on a variety of materials. Whether your frames are made of wood, aluminum or vinyl, caulking can help protect your building from drafts. Interior caulking can also help improve the aesthetics of your doors and windows.

Caulking uses a flexible material to seal the leaks around the stationary elements of doors, windows, and other fixtures. Our team can help you detect the sources of any leaks, while considering your ventilation needs.

Depending on your needs, we can use:
• Silicone construction caulk
• Water-based foam sealants
• Butyl rubber
• Latex

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Interior and exterior caulking are important steps for ensuring the maximum energy efficiency for your commercial or industrial building. Even a small leak can cause a disproportionate increase in your energy bill. Regular wear and tear can cause leaks in caulking over time, even in modern buildings. That’s why it’s important to regularly assess and repair your commercial building for leaks.

Over time, caulk has the tendency to dry out and lose its flexibility. This results in flaking, and moisture becoming trapped below the surface. A professional re-caulking of your windows and doors will help remove this moisture. We know that in a large commercial building, replacing all the aging windows can be a financial strain. Caulking can sometimes be a good alternative to help extend the lifespan of your fixtures, while increasing energy efficiency.

Improving The Aesthetics

Caulking can also play an important role in improving the aesthetics of your building. A fresh finish of caulking can make your entire set of doors and windows look new again. Caulking in various colours can also help create a seamless finish for your modern or historic building.

Our team of professionals is ready to help you design and execute the interior and exterior caulking needs for your building. Whether you are constructing a new high rise, or repairing an old townhouse, we are here to help you. We will work with you to create a plan that is within your budget, while also meeting all of your pressing needs.

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