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Aluminum Windows Installation & Re-glazing Toronto

Aluminum windows are a durable and affordable solution for both modern and historic buildings. Whether you own a high rise, a storefront, or an industrial building, aluminum windows and doors are an effective option. Aluminum is one of the most popular options for framing, and we have extensive experience providing our customers with high quality and custom installations.

Our team can help you with aluminum frames, windows and doors:
Installing and replacing aluminum-frame glass fixtures on your new or existing commercial building
Re-glazing aluminum-frame glass to provide increased protection and energy efficiency
Repairing windows and doors

Aluminum is the material of choice for most modern builders and renovators. This is because it is streamlined and versatile. Further, aluminum frames are offered in a variety of colours, sizes, and types that can be customized to fit your building. Aluminum frames are an investment that will help create a seamless finish, and provide long lasting protection. Over the long run, they are one of the most affordable options for commercial and industrial buildings.

The benefits of aluminium windows

Aluminum may be the best choice for your building if you are looking for a solution that is:
• Energy efficient
• Durable, and resistant to warping and corrosion over time
• A sleek and flushed look
• Low maintenance
• Recyclable

We are also trained and experienced in larger installations, including aluminum curtain wall windows and window walls. Curtain walls for condominiums and high rise office buildings provide a modern look, while helping reduce construction costs due to their light weight. We can install and repair aluminum curtain walls, at any stage of construction. Our team can help you create customized systems with integrated sunshades, thermal efficiency glazing, and increased security.

We install and repair aluminum windows for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients. This includes condominiums, offices, stores, and low rise multi-unit buildings. Our experienced team is here to help you. No commercial project is too big or too small for us!

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